Lauria & Kott—Platinum (w/Stephanie Hatfield)

August 4, 2018

Saturday, 7:00 pm

Admission: $20 at the door, kids 10-18, $10

The ELEMENTAL AMERICANA CONCERT SERIES: Lauria (aka award winning singer songwriter Laurianne Fiorentino) and cellist Michael Kott are joined by singer/songwriter STEPHANIE HATFIELD.. Native-style flute, ocarina, harmonica, guitar and invented vocal improvisations sprinkled amongst “stunningly original lyrics and complex rhythms.” Lauria will delight with fascinating facts describing Rubidium and how its properties can be aligned with human personalities and emotions. Expect hilarity and profundity all at once. The series concludes on September 1 with, of course, GOLD.

$20 at door, or at, kids 10-18, $10